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Power Generation
Steam Systems
£675,000 increase in revenue through stable steam flow and prevented boiler trips.

Steam System Optimisation

Increased stability and power generation through manipulation of Siemens PCS7 Control.

The Project

We were tasked by a client to evaluate their steam system, to identify the reasons for their steam flow instability and to enhance power generation where possible.

We conducted a Heat Balance analysis to understand the design of the steam generating process and to model potential changes to the system.  Using this information, we modified the client’s PCS7 control system to provide stable conditions.


A Heat Balance analysis was conducted to model the thermal and fluid dynamic characteristics of the system, evaluating temperature, pressure and flow through the entire steam process.  This information enabled us to analyse the performance of the steam system against the original design.

We identified key areas in the system where control valve PID characteristics were not optimised during the commissioning process, this led to increased instability of the system.  In some cases, this instability caused the steam system to trip which had significant cost implications for our client.

We used our knowledge and experience of valve control PID settings to modify the PCS7 system, monitoring fluctuations in steam pressure and flow as they occurred.  The critical control valves being evaluated and manipulated to ensure stable conditions throughout the boiler’s operational parameters.

Our modifications improved the stability of the steam system considerably and allowed for increased power generation from the steam turbine set.  This consistency in operation prevented unnecessary trips, and reduced the degradation caused by cyclic loading.

As modifications were made to the system, we constantly updated and recorded the changes so that all the records were maintained and up to date to track progress through a variety of steam characteristics.  This allowed the changes to be revisited as further modifications were made to the system.

We provided full training to operators to ensure they understood the purpose of the modified characteristics and the effect that each change would have on the system.

We continuously monitored the system during the process to ensure safe system conditions throughout.

Our modifications greatly improved the stability of the steam system, ensuring that power generation could be maximised for the boiler conditions and preventing intermittent trips caused by uncontrolled processes.

The stabilisation of the steam system and reduction in plant trips increased revenue by around £675,000 annually and reduced wear on plant assets.

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